About the Group

Al Faris Holding Group is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has been established to contribute to and support the country’s prosperity and economic growth by investing in key growth sectors within the Kingdom. Since that time, Al Faris Holding Group has become a leading group in the country, as it has huge investment portfolio in many companies working in key growth sectors that all play a vital role in promoting and achieving economic growth of the Kingdom. The Group also helps these companies, through directions and instructions, to set strategies for project implementation and future plans according to the state-of-the-art methods, in addition to occasionally supporting them financially. ‎

Our Values

Our Philosophy reflects the best aspects of the company through Our Values and defines who we are, what we do and how we notch up success.

We Care

We care and work with integrity, honesty and trust, welcome different cultures and ideas, treat people with respect and equality, and encourage teamwork.

We Perform

We perform and welcome new challenges, seek innovative ideas, maximize personal responsibility, and fulfill our commitments.

We Improve

We improve and strive for continuous training and development of our employees, and look forward to employ the best talent in the labor market.

We Commit

We are committed to: invest in resources, enjoy the work environment, protect the safety and stability of our employees, and loyal to our colleagues and partners.