AlFaris Paper Mill

Al Faris Paper Mill

Al Faris Paper Mill is one of the largest factories of Al Faris Group in the Kingdom of Saud Arabia – Jeddah 3rd Industrial City.

We provide in our mill different types of raw hygienic tissues manufactured with 100% finest natural materials, including the paper intended for face, toilets, kitchens, table and other different tissues produced according the latest methods and systems of management, quality, safety, occupational and environmental health in accordance with international quality standards and various ISO systems:

We always have a desire to provide products that fulfill the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, our production line is one of the fastest production lines all over the word, not to mention the use of latest technologies and automatic control in the production and quality process in terms of weight and softness.

Our products are famous of its finest material all over the world and they adopt the internationally recognized quality standards. They are characterized with the following:


Eco-friendly products made of 100% raw wood pulp as we do not rely on recycling during our production process.

Healthy, free of chemicals concerning the whiteness degree.

Different from other products in its whiteness and softness; we use the latest machines and global production tools.

We provide our customers with the above-mentioned products with all different customizations regarding the specifications, size, diameter, and degree of softness and whiteness.

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