AlFaris Tissue Converting

AlFaris Tissue Converting

Al Faris for Paper Tissues takes the lead among the long-standing companies and factories of Al Faris Group within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was established in 2006, with production capacity of around 12,000 cartoons monthly. Later, it has expanded until its capacity has reached 150000 cartoon monthly only in ten years.

We aspire in our factory, as we do in the rest of companies and factories of Al Faris Group, to abide by the directions of the Parent Company and its vision to support the national economy of the Kingdom and promote national industry in a way that supports self-sufficiency and reduces the trend towards importing ready-made products from other countries.

In our factory, we provide the finest tissues and paper rolls made of the finest 100% natural materials without any recycling. The main facial tissues trademarks produced by Al Faris for Paper Tissues are:

Our factory secures raw materials from Al Faris Factory for Raw Paper, which is one of latest global production lines, that produces 100% natural raw paper with the highest internationally recognized quality standards. Our products are:

100% Saudi Product.

Made of the finest natural fibers

With Several types and sizes to suit different consumer demands. With affordable prices

Reflecting Commitment to professional and commercial honor (the real product confirms with the specifications mentioned on the product).

Healthy and having no dust or harmful effect.

Softness and durability of luxury category

Highly absorbing.