AlFaris Auto

Al Faris Auto

‎In Al Faris Rent A Car, we seek to develop the car rental sector to express the real meaning of luxury to our customers. We currently cover all regions across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and look forward to achieving a wider expansion to reach the lands of all gulf states. We provide in our company various auto brands, models and sizes in order to provide our services in an appropriate way to all segments of society starting from low-income individuals to businessmen and small and large companies. ‎

Our company includes 24 branches and covers 3 domestic airports with offices of the company, supported with a fleet of approximately 3500 cars, managed and operated by around 300 employees and workers. Our company offers wide range of brands, models and sizes include: ‎

‎Economical Cars ‎

‎Small Sedan Cars‎

‎High line Car‎

‎Luxury Car‎

‎Medium Sedan Car ‎

‎Family Cars – Four wheel drive ‎

The company also provides significant support to its customers through: ‎ ‎ ‎

‎Loyalty Programs (memberships of multiple types, etc.)‎‎

‎Comprehensive insurance service. ‎ ‎

‎Mobile maintenance service to follow-up and support the customers 24/7. ‎