AlFaris Real Estate Development

Al Faris Real Estate ‎

‎Al Faris Real Estate, like all companies and factories of Al Faris Group, enjoys its good reputation within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it takes the lead in the field of real estate development and marketing. ‎

‎The company sells directly to individuals through its own layouts in addition to marketing layouts owned by others. Most of our customers that have layouts rely on the well-established reputation of our institution to market and sell their layouts. Besides, our company has a long history in the field of developing layouts in terms of utilities, lighting and land division. ‎

‎Our company’s layouts are characterized by the following: ‎

All of our layouts are approved from the municipality and owned by instruments

All layouts are developed in terms of basic facilities (lighting – roads – drainage – etc.).

Provision of public services (schools – hospitals – mosques – etc.).

All of our layouts are distinguished with distinctive locations; they are near to the main roads of city and away from the traffic congestion and overpopulation. ‎

‎Ease and speed of ownership transfer procedures.

Various spaces and different prices.

‎Discounts on buying more than one plot.

Moreover, the company has highly qualified and experienced team, who are able to provide services and reply to all queries of the customers in a professional way, not to mention their ability to complete sales process skillfully and quickly. ‎